Our Values



  • We start by trusting each other and our clients. We cooperate with open and honest interaction.
  • We as individuals, and Chalmers employees, want to grow in knowledge, understanding and together solve our clients’ problems and thereby, make a valuable contribution to the industry.
  • We combine our unique blend of skills, abilities and experience in the team to achieve results. Within the team we commit to playing our roles, observing team discipline, open communication and learning from each other.
  • We go the extra mile to achieve results and provide value for our customers and our company. We believe a reward should follow performance and that today’s extra effort is an investment in tomorrow.
  • Once we make a promise to our clients, we will meet or exceed expectations. If it becomes impossible to meet a promise due to circumstances beyond our control we warn all parties ahead of time and renegotiate an acceptable solution.
  • We share a pride in job and quality that always meets or exceeds expectations. When quality is falling below expectation, we determine why and fix the problem.