Chalmers Suspensions – Advantages

  • No leaf springs or air bags to replace ever – the Chalmers “Loadguard” hollow rubber spring is virtually indestructible
  • Guaranteed no-hop on braking for safety
  • Increased tire mileage due to true-tracking and no-hop
  • Minimum maintenance on suspensions – no grease or oil ever
  • Reduced maintenance to vehicle
  • Full freedom of articulation – both parallel and diagonal
  • Improved traction on uneven ground – axles do not transfer weight from one axle to the other
  • Greatly increased stability and cornering – combats side sway for faster runs
  • Driver comfort greatly improved for increased productivity and safety

Check in to Chalmers’ advantages and find out for yourself why many major trucking fleets are specifying Chalmers rubber spring tandem truck suspensions

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